Ready to do this thing?

This guide is to help you see what your wedding day will look like with me being your photographer, and I can not wait!

So let's do this!

Getting Ready

Getting ready photos are some of my favorites, and I always encourage my couples to set aside time for this. It can look many ways, but it is a beautiful way to capture the little details!

Start of the day

The start of a wedding day always starts a little slow and all over the place. Trust me that's normal. This is the part of the day where the "getting ready" photos will take place and all the fine details. This also is a great time to go over anything that has changed in the schedule or what you want!

Choosing a space

Try to choose a location for your getting ready photos that has PLENTY of light. Natural light for these are the best. If there is not a spot inside your venue for this, then outside is always perfect!

As far as other locations go, I can pick the rest! If you have any locations at your venue that you love, make sure you let me know! Otherwise I will take over the job of picking the locations f0r other photos.


Posing posing posing... First off, as the photographer I will direct you throughout the day! You do not have to worry about posing. That's my job! I will be sending you a wedding questionnaire. On there will be posing questions, that will help me understand if you have specific poses you like or do not like!


Depending on the length of your wedding day and what it entails a timeline may be good for us to establish. If you have a wedding planner doing this that is totally fine just put me in contact with the wedding planner and I can help in anyway! IF you do not have a planner then we can establish the timeline together. This is just a loose timeline to follow so people know where to be and when!

Other Details:

01 / 01

Candid photos

At the end of the day and after all the planning..... what I am most focused on is capturing your love and wedding day. That means allowing me to capture those candid moments for YOU! I want to hear everything you want, and will send you my questionnaire to do so BUT you can also trust that I am here to capture your day and your true love! Every wedding looks different and is different sizes, but capturing love is my job!

I can not wait to meet you with you capture YOUR day!

Next Steps

  1. Sign the contact and pay the invoice to secure date
  2. Go over this guide
  3. Fill out the questionnaire
  4. Set up time for meet up
  5. WEDDING!!!